Australialaisilla viisumi vaikeuksia, sm-sarjaan :)

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Australialaisilla viisumi vaikeuksia, sm-sarjaan :)

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Thursday 29th January 2015, 10:59

Australian team manager Mark Lemon is ready to help his stars find clubs away from the British leagues if they are unable to gain visas to race in the UK this season.

British Elite and Premier League clubs have had their licence to sponsor non-EU migrant riders suspended by UK Visas and Immigration after the body discovered a number of “compliance failings” with the rules by teams.
"There may be a situation where if we can’t get riders work permits to race in Britain, the boys would have to go to another country. That’s something I would be looking into if it were forced upon us."
- Mark Lemon

Promoters are set to attend a workshop with UKVI on Friday in an effort to resolve the issues and get the estimated 20 Aussies and two US riders affected back to the UK.

While SGP trio Chris Holder, Troy Batchelor and Jason Doyle have clubs in mainland Europe and could still compete in the Polish, Swedish and Danish leagues on a Schengen visa, they would be unable to continue basing themselves in Britain if they do not gain UK visas.

A number of their compatriots rely solely on Elite and Premier League racing for their income. And should Lemon’s Aussies be forced to cut their long-standing ties with Britain, the former Redcar star hopes clubs in mainland Europe will give his riders a place to race.

Lemon, who stages his farewell meeting to the sport at Mildura on Friday, said: “You will probably see more Australians based outside the UK. The good guys will still come to the top. It just means the lesser lights won’t pass through the British leagues and get that vital development time.

“I’ve got plans to speak with federations in Europe to see whether we can get work permits for the boys in their countries. There may be a situation where if we can’t get riders work permits to race in Britain, the boys would have to go to another country. That’s something I would be looking into if it were forced upon us.

“Our ties to the UK are good, healthy ones and we hope they will continue. The BSPA get a fair bit of flak, but I know they’re doing everything they can to make this work.

“It is a complex situation we’re in and hopefully it will be resolved quickly, but we are dealing with immigration and government. We just hope it goes as quickly as it possibly can, but we just never know. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

“I know exactly how it feels to be a speedway rider who can’t get a work permit to come and ply your trade. I missed three years when I was younger – probably three very influential years in my career.

“I understand the importance of this working out and have a bit of a passion to try and help the boys. I’ll do anything I can to help them and that’s what I’ve done.”

While UKVI has a duty to protect British jobs, Lemon insists UK clubs will lose out of Aussies and Americans can’t compete for team places, allowing EU riders to potentially charge much higher rates.

He said: “If they don’t sort it, you can see what’s going to happen. It’s not going to make British speedway very attractive.

“It’s a tough sport to promote at the best of times, but the costs will probably cripple the British clubs. The Eastern Europeans will probably be able to name their price because the teams just don’t have enough riders.”

Lemon bids goodbye to the shale in his Lemo’s Last Blast meeting at Mildura’s Olympic Park on Friday. The event features new Aussie champ Doyle, plus the likes of Sam Masters, Justin Sedgmen, Max Fricke, Rohan Tungate, Dakota North, Ty Proctor and Lemon himself.

Triple world champ Jason Crump also makes an appearance, taking some exhibition hot laps at his good friend’s big night.

Australialainen joukkue sm-sarjaan. EIkö olisi hyvä. :)
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